Monday, February 24, 2014

Halfway home!

This week is 3-7-4-10 which is a relief to me after the last two weeks of 12 and 13 miles for my long Saturday run.  My mid week run is increasing in total mileage.  Here is what Hal Higdon says about the mid week running schedule.

Midweek Training: Training during the week should be done at a comparatively easy pace. As the weekend mileage builds, the weekday mileage also builds. Add up the numbers, and you'll see that you run roughly the same mileage during the week as you do during long runs on the weekends. Midweek workouts on Wednesdays build from 3 to 10 miles. (I call these my Sorta-Long Runs.) There are similar slight advances on Tuesdays and Thursdays although these are planned as "easy" days. Novice 1 is built on the concept that you do more toward the end than at the start. That sounds logical, doesn't it? Believe me--as hundreds of thousands of marathoners using this schedule have proved--it works.

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